God is with Us
Psalm 45: 1-3 & 7-9 & 11

Dear Friends,

We are living in strange times at the moment, and life is so very different to what we are used to, things aren't happening in the way they used to. I feel that I have crept in to being Minister of Stowmarket, Stowupland, Mendlesham, Haughley, and Debenham United Reformed Churches.

I moved into the manse with my wife and daughter on the 15th June 2020, we also have a dog called Jakey, who since moving here has had 2 cataracts removed.

I originally come from Halifax, (as coincidentally did the last Minister), this is my 3rd pastorate, my 1st was with 5 Churches in Cumbria, I have just moved from a 3 Church pastorate in Lincolnshire, Spalding, Bourne & Boston.

In these unusual times it is not easy to move around and get to know surrounding places and the people within. I am having to do meetings over Zoom and in August, at Stowmarket, we started a short act of worship. Hopefully between September and October we shall be starting short acts of worship in the villages.

Always with a new pastorate it takes time to get to know the people and the communities, which is going to be even harder under the present circumstances.

We hope at some point to be able to get back to our other Church activities, but we are not sure when, we'll keep you posted, but please be assured that within all of our Churches we are thinking and praying for all our communities, and the churches are still very much playing their part even though they are unseen.

I look forward to meeting with you all at some point.

Rev'd Robert Sheard

United Reformed Church Minister of Stowmarket, Debenham, Stowupland, Mendlesham & Haughley

September 2020