"Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord we have an everlasting rock."
Isaiah 26:4 Modern English Version

The first week in June should have seen me walking by the Norfolk coast. Instead I'm walking through the Suffolk countryside close to my home. I can't complain as I enjoy both. But times, they are a changing. My life has taken a new course. Not only am I doing my own household chores I'm also doing some housework at the Manse ready for the arrival, later this month, of our new Minister. Soon my fingers will be worn down to the bone, but I have solved the mysteries of the Hoover, although I'm sure it sometimes has a mind of its own. Sunday's are noticeably different in that I get up (at the normal time – some things don't change) and then I'm out for a long walk at 8 am with my ear plugs in listening to the morning service on Radio Suffolk. Previously, I wouldn't have thought of leaving the house until after 9.30 in time to go to church. How I enjoy listening to a service outside in God's garden. And then there is the strange change to my afternoons in that I make, and drink, a cup of tea – unheard of until the virus hit us as I am a devoted coffee drinker. I'm sure there must be something in the air. Then again there is the queue for the supermarket. In the past I would have turned round and gone another day if I saw a long queue but now I'm content to wait patiently in line with my fellow shoppers. One has only to mention football to know how life has changed. No more rivalry or talk about the goal that should have been but never was.

Who is to say when life will return to normal, if it ever will return to the way it was? David Bowie's song "Changes" with its words "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes- Turn and face the strange" spring to mind. We are experiencing changes to our lives, but we need to face that strange new way of life and learn to live with it for the sake of all.

For Christians change is something to embrace for when we come to know and love our God our lives are changed and changed forever. While we will be changed, we also know that God is unchanging. He is ever faithful, ever sure, always there to lean on should we need him. In this difficult time when we don't know when we will all be able to return to normal and while many of the things that we have known may have changed it is good to know that God is unchanging. We should trust in him, for in God we have an everlasting rock. Feel free to talk to God, he is always there to listen.

Anne Scarff

June 2020