"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven"
Ecclesiastes 3 v1

I like doing jigsaw puzzles. I don't knit so when I watch TV I like to do something at the same time and jigsaws often fit the bill. I like jigsaws with a good picture and am particularly partial to ones which depict vintage cars. To make them more challenging I try to do them without referring to the picture. I also enjoy the challenge of doing the Impossi puzzles. For Christmas I had a two-sided jigsaw puzzle which was just Brussel sprouts! However difficult the puzzle may be there is always a logic about them. Most puzzles have straight edges which define the boundary and each piece has its unique place in the picture and I enjoy searching for the one piece which will only properly fit into one space. It's probably my mathematical brain which copes best with certainty and a specific result. Maths has always come easily to me whereas English literature, particularly poetry was always a problem. I had great arguments with my English teacher as I often disagreed with the interpretation behind the meaning of poems. On the other hand, Maths is like a jigsaw puzzle in that it is logical and each problem has a way to be solved, with the solution being the same for everyone.

We live in a world of change where there appears to be no logic in some of the things that happen. There are changing seasons, changes in ourselves as we grow older and changes to the things in our lives. But despite what may appear to be so many changes there is one constant, God. He does not change and He sets everything in a logical order with everything having a purpose, even the cold winter storms and death. So, I take comfort in Ecclesiastes 3 where there is a logic to God's world, a time for everything and everything having its place. There is, however, a word of caution for us as we face the challenges of the Climate and how man continues to influence God's ordered world. Things happen in God's time and according to his order and we must be wary of interfering.

May God be with you as you approach each new day.

Anne Scarff

February 2020