"Therefore be alert, for you do not know on what day the Lord will come."

Matthew 24 verse 42

May, the fifth month of the year. How time flies. But at least it is one of the months which has 31 days in it. While this year has already brought some lovely weather, we always hope May will give us an insight into the summer ahead. Well, I hope so as my first holiday of the year is already booked in anticipation that the weather will be suitable for long walks and sitting outside in the Norfolk countryside. While I can search the internet for the weather forecast, I am often confused as to what is really going to happen as if I look at different sites I can get different forecasts. Not to be dismayed I always go prepared and I have a full set of waterproofs which allow me to be hermetically sealed against anything that the weather can throw at me.

Being prepared is one of my things. I hate being caught unprepared, so I like to know what is happening, so I am ready. My pantry is ready for most eventualities, even if some of my store of goods have far out lived the use by date on the tin (comes from being old fashioned when we did things by taste not date!). My seeds for the year were in early so that if some didn't germinate then I have a chance to sow again so I don't miss a tasty crop of goodness. And then there is my garage. In there you will find all manner of things to meet so many needs - just in case I need them. I also often plan ahead so I am ready for what I want to do and to make sure I make the right choices, my car being one example where I study the brochures and go on test drives to ensure the car I end up with is what I want and will fit in my garage. Currently, I am planning to buy a shed so I've been looking at the difference between shiplap and loglag and between apex and pent to name just some of the options and of course I have already planned where it will go and have a base already prepared for it to go on.

Perhaps I just have "compulsory preparedness syndrome" as I wasn't brought up as a Scout who have the motto "Be prepared".

Although there are also lots of examples in our lives when we should have been prepared but got caught out there are many times in our lives when, if we can, it is good to be prepared and plan ahead.

As Christians we don't know the time when our Lord will come again. We also don't know how our lives will pan out, so it is important that we make the best of everyday that we have. We should do our best to live the life that God would have for us and be prepared to deepen our understanding of our Faith. This does mean that we shouldn't just let our lives pass by, but we should make sure we do all we can to live lives which are faithful to our God.

May God bless you.

Anne Scarff (Secretary to Stowmarket group of Churches)

May 2019