"All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them."

Acts 2 verse 4

As a nation there is one thing that is a constant topic of conversation (and it's not Brexit!) and that is the weather. We may complain about our weather but there is something comforting about our seasons. There is always something to say, to see and to wonder at. Conversations can range from it being too hot to too cold or from drought conditions to floods. We see the effect different conditions have on our gardens and how the different seasons bring different flowers. Where the bare brown ground of winter springs into life with green shoots and the awesome sight of the vast array of flowers and vegetables that result. Then there is always the wonder... The wonder of the sight of amazing clouds and some of our sunsets are to take your breath away. Then there is the wonder of will there be enough rain to make the seeds grow; will the frost get my cherry blossom; will those parsnip seeds peek up this year? For us in England, we are usually exceedingly fortunate as drought is often followed by rain and cold is followed by the warm sun. Although, after the summer conditions of Easter and the frosty nights of May we may not always know when to expect each type of weather! But, in general we can be sure that spring will follow winter, summer will follow spring and autumn will follow summer.

Just like the weather, Christian seasons are to be talked about, to be seen and to wonder at. At Christmas there is joy for the birth of a new born baby, our Lord Jesus Christ. At Easter we have the heart wrenching scenes of our Lord on the cross, but then the amazing truth of the resurrection. As we enter June our thoughts may turn to summer, but our thoughts also turn to another season in our Christian life. Sunday June 9th is the 7th Sunday after Easter, Pentecost or Whit Sunday, where we celebrate the holy spirit descending on Jesus' disciples. After the overwhelming drama of Easter Pentecost can sometimes feel like a minor event, but it is a key moment in our Christian Faith. The Holy Spirit had been with the world from the beginning... first mentioned in Genesis 1 verse "And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters." But here at Pentecost we see it now revealed in a different manner. The holy Spirit is completely revealed because of what Christ had done for us. At Pentecost, something was set in motion that is still reverberating today. For us, of the Christian tradition, this event also represents the birth of the early Church.

Then, move on a week and we come to Sunday June 16th which is Trinity Sunday... one to get your head around... in my Christian life I've heard so many explanations of the Trinity but it still causes confusion of thought... God the Father... God the Son... God the Holy Ghost... wow what a concept, something to really wonder about in all senses of the word.

Whatever you are doing this June take time to speak of your faith; to look at the works of God; and to wonder at God's love for all.

Anne Scarff (Secretary to Stowmarket group of Churches)

June 2019



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